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Strategic Process that Delivers

Can you handle doubling(!) your business in a year?

Created for SME's, STRATAGILITY® will catapult your business to its next phase

Strategic planning

Strategic plan - what is it?

Why doesn't it work?

Running a business without a plan is a bit like going on a road-trip without a clear roadmap.

A strategic plan when done right is that roadmap.

Usually outsourced to consultants, strategic plans are expensive, rigid, and don't engage the very people who are supposed to execute them - you and your team.

Stratagility - uplift your business

For a better approach there is

STRATAGILITY® - how is it different?

Strategic planning


Planned by you and your team guarantees the highest levels of commitment, engagement, accountability and enthusiasm.


The planning process ends with a detailed execution plan.



Weekly reviews ensure it is always on track.

How does it work?

How does it work

STRATAGILITY® starts with a workshop that includes the following parts:


What is your ultimate goal as an organisation?


Your common values and drivers


Your current position


The crtitical actions you will take to get one step closer to your ultimate goal


A detailed execution plan, with weekly and monthly reviews

Strategic planning for SME

The end result

At the end of a STRATAGILITY®  workshop you will have:

  1. a clear organisational goal.

  2. a defined set of values that resonates with your team.

  3. a list of the main activities to take you from where you are now one step closer to where you want to be.

  4. a detailed quarterly plan for the next twelve months activities.

  5. a sample weekly plan.

  6. a happy and motivated team.

What the clients have to say...

Simon Dresdner

The Kingsbury Group

"We found it to be extremely powerful and motivating. We dug really deep into why we exist as a business, what our true goals are and most importantly what we need to do to achieve our big dreams. Our team are fired up to get this big plan actioned! Would highly recommend this to any business that is really serious about realizing their dreams and achieving goals."

Ben Naylor

Jack Badger Ltd.

"Amos guided Jack Badgers lead management team through a strategy workshop, which outlined a robust, considered and achievable plan for the coming year. Since that moment his close council has helped us to go from strength to strength. So much so that we have achieved what we initially set out to achieve over a 3 year period, in just over a 2 years! Amos has helped us to realise our own potential and given us the mechanism for sustainable, organic growth."

Shadia Al Hili
Cuzena Ltd.

"Amos is a highly knowledgeable and friendly consultant who significantly contributed to our business during a crucial phase. His tailored workshop, understanding of our business model, and bespoke delivery aligned with our resources and capabilities. Implementing STRATAGILITY® made a lasting impact, distilling complex concepts into actionable steps. Amos played a key role in focusing our team and empowering them for effective implementation."

The Book

The book

Want to learn more, or feel you can run STRATAGILITY® by yourself*?

Buy GROWTH on Amazon and learn how. GROWTH is a practical guide that will walk you through the STRATAGILITY® process step-by-step.

GROWTH - plan your company's next chapter in 5 easy steps

* Organisations with more than 5 employees will benefit from a facilitator.

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