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Can you handle doubling(!) your business in a year?

Create and implement a process that will lead your business to an unprecedented growth.

Amos Beer - strategic planning facilitator

Amos Beer


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Strategic planning customer

Ben Naylor

Jack Badger Ltd.

"Amos guided Jack Badgers lead management team through a STRATAGILITY® workshop, which outlined a robust, considered and achievable plan for the coming year... we have achieved what we initially set out to achieve over a 3 year period, in just over a 2 years!"

Happy customers

Strategic planning customer

Shadia Al Hili

Cuzena Ltd.

"Amos is a highly knowledgeable and friendly consultant who significantly contributed to our business during a crucial phase. His tailored workshop, understanding of our business model, and bespoke delivery aligned with our resources and capabilities. Implementing STRATAGILITY® made a lasting impact, distilling complex concepts into actionable steps. Amos played a key role in focusing our team and empowering them for effective implementation."
Strategic planning customer

Simon Dresdner

Kingsbury Group

"We found STRATAGILITY® to be extremely powerful and motivating. We dug really deep into why we exist as a business, what our true goals are and most importantly what we need to do to achieve our big dreams.  Would highly recommend STRATAGILITY® to any business that is really serious about realizing their dreams and achieving goals."

Do you want your business to really take-off?

Lukewarm growth is risky. You need an ongoing, substantial growth rate to ensure continued thrift and never again worry about cash flow.

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