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Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth

The title above is a famous quote from Mike Tyson. It also happens to be true – just ask the homeoffice about their refugee resettlement plans…

When it comes to organisational plans, there are four types of organisations:

1.       Those that improvise, not plan. Common wisdom says that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It may be an adage, but it is nevertheless true. The chances of success in achieving organisational goals are as slim as reaching a specific destination without know where this destination is, nor having a map, a compass (or a GPS), and a route.

2.       Those that plan, put the plans in a drawer and then improvise. It’s worse than not having a plan at all because time and effort were wasting on planning in the first place.

3.       Those that plan and then implement the plans no matter what. It’s better than not having a plan at all, but not by a lot. The world is too dynamic to make a plan and stick by it without adjusting it to changing circumstances. Punches in the mouth are simply too frequent…

4.       Those that plan and implement, but continually reassess and readjust, based on internal and external changes (the proverbial mouth-punches). This is the only way to maximise the chances of success in business.

To be honest, even planning, reassessing, and readjusting do not guarantee success. There are many moving parts in business and the world around it, and the best and most agile plans can still fail, but by making a solid plan and reviewing it frequently, the chances of success increase dramatically.


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