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Who's the idiot now?

I have recently assembled a cabinet for our top floor bathroom. A simple thing – I’ve assembled dozens of Ikea – type units in the past.

When I came to adding the handles, I was stumped – the drawing showed them on the same side of the doors as the metal plates that are there for the magnet that keeps the doors shut to stick to.

But these plates must be on the inside of the doors, while the handles on the outside!

Idiots, I said to myself, ready ignore the drawings and flip the metal plates to the other side.

And then my wife came to see how I was doing and proved me to be the idiot. The handles were supposed to be screwed to the inside of the doors, going over the top of the doors to the outside.

Never mind if you had a problem following this description. The point is, sometimes it is difficult to solve a problem when you are in it.

In such a case it is best to put things to the side and come back to the problem later.

Or call the wife…


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