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2023 Reading List

I have spent some time over the year-end break, reviewing the #business books I have read last year. Here are my recommendations:

1. The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg) – why we fall prey and how not to.

2. Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) – first impressions and how misleading they can be.

3. Super Pumped (Mike Isaac) - the story of Uber and more importantly why #growth in itself is not a #business metric, how VC’s can drive businesses to the edge of oblivion (see also WeWork) and most crucially, why toxic #culture is destructive to the organisation, not just the employees.

4. Shoe Dog (Phil Knight) – the story of Nike. The best business (auto)biography I ever read by far.

5. Flash Boys (Michael Lewis) – how good people can make a change, even in the ruthless world of Wall Street.

6. Going Infinite (Michale Lewis) - Sam Bankman-fried and FTX or, why you need to know how to run a business to actually do it successfully.

7. That Will Never Work (Marc Randolph) – Netflix, the book.

8. Billion Dollar Loser (Reeves Wiedman) – another example of VC’s financing a folly to oblivion, why it’s necessary to know how to manage a business, and how a great #salesman with nothing to sell made himself rich at the expense of many around him.

What have you read in 2023?


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