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WFH – is the Allen Curve dead?

All of my professional life I have been working in an office, surrounded by people. 

This has all changed when I moved to the UK in 2015 - out of necessity rather than choice I started #WFH

I immediately saw the advantages - no commuting, being able to focus much better, not having to consider what others may think of my behaviour (not to mention working in slacks...).

And then COVID hit, the rest of the world joined me, and the debate about WFH/hybrid/work in office is still going on.

The Allen Curve is based on a decades-old research that linked creativity with proximity via communication: It showed that communication levels decrease exponentially in relation to physical distance between office workers when it was already known that communication fosters creativity. All of this obviously predated electronic communication.

This article says that the new means of communication make the Allen Curve obsolete. What do you think?


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