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You get what you pay for - or not?

Earlier today I had a conversation with a CEO of a company that paid through the nose for a shiny new strategic plan.

The plan worked like a charm - product definition, customer experience, finance, processes, etc. Just one small thing didn't - sales...

It was like buying a new car with all the trimmings, a great sound system, comfy seats, that doesn't drive.

The problem was with the planning process - because it was so expensive it needed to be portrayed to cover a lot instead of focusing on the most accute problem.

When planning a strategic growth process you need to make a decision - what is the single issue that is the most important to unlock in order to break through? Selecting more than one issue will dilute attention and you will end up not achieving anything of significance at all.

And indeed, paying a lot of money to create a strategic plan does not guarantee you will have a good one. it's about what's in it.


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